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naft Courses

Clackamas community college courses

Clackamas Community College 2020 January-March


28, Firefighter Type 1

29, Firefighter Type 1

30, Firefighter Type 1


14-16, S-215 Fire Operations in the WUI

19, Mapping and Mobile Devices 

21-23, S-211 Portable Pumps and Water Use


5-6, S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander 

9-12, S-244 Field Observer

16-20, S-390 Intro to Wildland Fire Behavior Calculations

Clackamas Community College 2020 April-June


3-5, S-230 Crew Boss

6-8, S-300 Extended Attack Incident Commander 

10-11, FI-110 Basic Wildland Fire Investigation

13-17, S-203 Introduction to Incident Information

17-18, S-131 Firefighter Type 1

20-22, S-330 Taskforce/Strike Team Leader

25-26, S-231 Engine Boss

27-29, S-339 Division/Group Supervisor


May 15-17, L-280 Followership to Leadership

May 19, RT-130 Fireline Safety Refresher

May 30-31, S-270 Basic Air Operations


Jun 13, RT-130 Fireline Safety Refresher

Jun 16, S-336 Heavy Equipment Boss

Eastern Oregon University courses

EOU Fire Services Administration Winter 2020

FSA-206 Fire Behavior & Combustion

FSA-208 Fire Protection Hydraulics & Water Supplies

FSA-212 Fire Prevention

FSA-317 Fiscal Management

FSA-319 Political & Legal Foundations of Fire Protection

FSA-331 Community Risk Reduction

FSA-345 Multiculturalism in Emergency Services

FSA-360 Aviation Management in Fire Suppression

FSA-413 Fire Related Human Behavior

FSA-415 Local Government Administration & Community Politics

FSA-421 Advanced Fire Services Master Planning

Online registration will be open from Friday, November 1st to Friday, January 10th 

Classes begin Monday, January 6th


Call 971-722-5498


EOU Emergency Medical Services Administration Winter 2020

EMSA-313 Legal/Political Regulators Environment of EMS 

EMSA-315 EMS Education

EMSA-405 Finance of EMS Systems

FSA-345 Multiculturalism in Emergency Services

BA-462 Leaders & Leadership Process

Online registration will be open from Friday, November 1st to Friday, January 10th

Classes begin Monday, January 6th


Call 971-722-5498


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2019 Closed Courses

  • Metro Fire Officers Academy 1 & 2
  • 2019 Timberline EMS Conference 
  • S-203 Intro to Incident Information
  • Incident Command System Position Specific Training
  • FI-110 Basic Wildland Fire Investigation
  • S-130, 190 & L-180 Intro to Wildland Fire Fighting
  • S-131 Advanced Fire Training
  • S-231 Engine Boss
  • S-270 Basic Air Operations
  • L-280 Follower-ship to Leadership
  • ICS-300 Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents 
  • ICS-400 Advanced ICS
  • Rope Rescue Course

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